I'm a Computer science student
with a passion for design

Beyond programming, my interests are in film, space, and brains

  • Film
  • Space
  • A.I.


Incubating at Harvard Business School's Innovation Lab

A service that brings your personal data back into your own hands and makes it useful to your everyday life. Built in Node.js, Express, AngularJS, MongoDB.

A lightweight beats-per-minute tapper for the Mac status bar


  • Ostrichcized is a children's animation I made when I was 16 years old. I wrote, illustrated, and animated this short film.

Photos and Films

Take a look at the photographs I've taken and the films I've made over the years.

Credentials & Interests

  • Harvard University

    I'm a Senior at Harvard concentrating in Computer Science.

  • Software Developer

    I love to build useful applications both in school and in my free time. I plan to continue doing so professionally.

  • Past Experience

    Analytico, World Council on City Data, Cisco Systems.

  • Filmmaker

    I've been a passionate filmmaker all my life. I won awards in 5 international film festivals.

  • Skills

    Node.js, Express, AngularJS, MongoDB, Python, C, HTML5/CSS3, PHP/MySQL.
    Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Sketch.

  • Designer

    An intuitive user experience must be thought out and meticulously planned before diving into programming. I consider design to be my strongest skill.